PvP Producer Diary

Posted on  08 March 2011 17:40 By  Maxis

Check out this producer diary from the Darkspore team at Maxis! Gameplay Engineer Michael Arsers gives an in depth look at PVP.

Hero spotlight: Zrin

Posted on  08 March 2011 17:40 By  Maxis

Join, Paul Sottosanti, Darkspore Systems Designer, in our first Darkspore Hero Spotlight, as he walks you through the abilities of Zrin The Sunfist.

Hero spotlight: Andromeda

Posted on  08 March 2011 17:39 By  Maxis

Check out Darkspore Hero Spotlight #2: Andromeda.  Darkspore Systems Designer Paul Sottosanti takes us through a new Hero Spotlight Video, showcasing the abilities of the Gravitic War Master, Andromeda, a Tempest Class hero and one of the more than 25 characters that gamers will be able to collect, upgrade and customize.

Hero spotlight: Viper

Posted on  08 March 2011 17:38 By  Maxis

Watch Viper, the Toxic Ravager, in action and get an overview of his special abilities and upgrades.

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